Through heart-opening stories of her relationships with a dog, a creek, or a tree, author Priscilla Stuckey celebrates the profound connections linking people with all other creatures and points the way toward a deeply collaborative relationship with a living Earth. Get inspired to connect with nature through her creative nonfiction book blending personal stories with insights drawn from history, ecology, natural sciences, and many spiritual traditions—lyrical nature writing to rekindle your love for a living Earth.

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Midnight blue water rested at the horizon under a brightening sky, framing shafts of pine and fir at shore’s edge. Here on the southern tip of Lopez Island, off the coast of Seattle, the dawn air was cool and still, the only sound a few songbirds calling far away. I headed across the needle-packed yard toward a clump of pines. The bald eagle nest was right over there, Anya had said; she’d seen the chicks fledging just days ago, and they couldn’t be far away now.


“Through a tenderly woven collection of essays that blend personal reflections with spirituality, philosophy, animal behaviorism, evolution, geology and ecology, first-time author Stuckey explores the great rift between the living, breathing world and the modern culture bent on developing and destroying it. . . . The narratives are well paced, using flashbacks wisely, and the language lyrical, possessing a poet’s cleverness of rhythm. . . . [An] entertaining and emotionally resonant book.” —Publisher’s Weekly
“Kissed by a Fox will make you think about life and nature in a different way.” —TEMPLE GRANDIN, author of Animals in Translation
Kissed by a Fox is a work of the soul by a naturally gifted writer. Priscilla Stuckey tackles one of the most elusive subjects: the relationship of the human spirit to the rest of the natural world, and the impact on our humanity when we distance ourselves from it. This is a book of healing.” —RICHARD LOUV, author of The Nature Principle and Last Child in the Woods
“As we are guided through the years of Stuckey’s journey to understanding her relationship with nature through her own explorations and other writers’ works, we come to the realization of our own connections with the natural world.” —Booklist
“Stuckey’s book does make you look differently at the things around you, not just your dog or cat, but the trees you carelessly brush by on your way to the bus stop, or the squirrel that darts across your path. . . . That is her point—for us to finally see nature, to remember to take in that beauty as we saunter by. . . . It’s a book about hope.” —Seattle Star
“Priscilla Stuckey explores our Western spiritual and political choices and argues for a new approach to nature, all of it. Her argument for a wider definition of justice, for a new understanding of stewardship, is compelling, and [she] has shaped it into an artful and engaging narrative. . . . I bought a copy of her book as a gift before I’d even completed this review. It’s that good.” —Story Circle Network
“I love Priscilla Stuckey’s book for its honesty, its lyrical evocations of the natural world, its wry humor, but above all for the compelling stories inside of stories inside of stories, all of which conspire to persuade us that we are critters—gloriously so, set down in a world of critters no less wondrous than ourselves, and that if we can just follow through on this understanding we stand to gain just about everything.” —CAROL LEE FLINDERS, author of Rebalancing the World
“Stuckey offers not just her story of disaffection from nature and the long journey back into oneness with the earth. She also educates us about the historical and philosophical context. . . I’m impressed by the skillful way in which she moves between the two worlds. . . . Kissed by a Fox is an elegant and moving work of art.” —MARILYN KRYSL, author of Dinner with Osama and Swear the Burning Vow
“Prophetic calls to live more justly are rarely as beautiful as Priscilla Stuckey’s Kissed by a Fox. We are offered stories of intertwined lives, encounters between members of different species, discoveries of intimacies with rocks, plants, galaxies, pets, and wild things. We are invited to build an Earth-friendly culture by simply living more respectfully among others. It is a compelling call.” —GRAHAM HARVEY, author of Animism: Respecting the Living World
“An amazing philosophical memoir that weaves together the author’s personal stories of ‘friendship in nature’ with an insightful history of Western thought, or failure of thought, on nature and the environment.” —JULENE BAIR, author of The Ogallala Road: A Memoir of Love and Reckoning
“[Kissed by a Fox] is a courageous book that beautifully illustrates how personal practices that deepen our relationships with all the beings among whom we live enable us to participate in a rejuvenating conversation with an animate Earth.” —CORMAC CULLINAN, author of Wild Law and coauthor of “The Universal Declaration of the Rights of Mother Earth”
“Stuckey shows us how to see, from the open mind and heart—birds, animals, rocks, plants. Her experience of the natural world is so direct and authentic that we can’t help but feel it too. Her original thinking about nature, people, and spirit enlivens the contemporary discourse with its rigor and emotional coherence. The writing is gorgeous. . . . This book, at once powerful and lovely, will help us make [future] choices with true intelligence and heart.” —GAIL STOREY, author of I Promise Not to Suffer: A Fool for Love Hikes the Pacific Crest Trail
Tree stories, a bird walk, and love of nature, are all combined in essays on life and her respect for nature in Kissed By A Fox, a new book by Priscilla Stuckey
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